Trip Information

There is a mandatory meeting the evening before each of our trips.  This meeting is to get to know one another, cover plans for the dives for the trip and discuss expectations for the trip and lodging and have a quick discussion about the reports that need to be filed with South Carolina Maritime Division if there are any recoveries on our trips.  This will have us all on the same page and save time from having to cover this information on the boat, allowing more time for DIVING (Crawling?)

The cost for each diver per day is $225.  Each trip includes two dives from the boat (up to 90 minutes each), lodging (dive lodge style, bring your own linens) and unlimited Shore dives plus a continental breakfast, lunch and water/snacks on the boat.  If you have a long drive it may be possible to arrange to stay an additional night for a small charge.  The cost does NOT include tank rental or fills or any equipment rental.

Tank rental is available (we recommend 100’s for a 90 min dive). You will need at least 2 for each day of diving. Fills are also available. We don’t return once we leave in the morning so you will need all your gear, tanks, etc. for the day.

Bring a river pick, collection bag, knee pads and a VERY bright light (900 lumens or better) and a backup light. (no light, no dive because you won’t be able to see anything). A SeaLife Mini 900 is a great start and can be paired with the Arm and Hand Strap to free up your hands for picking up your finds. They also have a 1300 lumen light.  You can view their lights here. If you have a Sealife Camera package with the Video Light (they make ’em up to 5000 lumens) you can attach a Flex Connect handle and have a great light for a trip like this. Just be sure to attach a wrist lanyard so you don’t lose it.  Comfort Zone Scuba (our dive operator) also has some great lights for sale shown on this page.

Please read the info about Hobby Diver license from South Carolina College of Arts & Sciences Maritime Research Division. Allow 3-4 weeks to receive your license!

There is a full Gear List you can download Cooper River gear list